Having everyone on the screen, at the same time, feels like we’re all celebrating together even though we’re either in Sydney, Aberdeen, London, Paris, Hamburg, or Houston.


The journey that is the destination!

Whenever we make these Mash videos, we do it together. They can be made with friends and family in the same room, and they can be made with friends and family on the other side of the world.

The magic isn’t just in the final video, it’s also in the journey to get there. People can be a bit more introvert, camera shy and self conscious, they’re often initially hesitant to join in,

The collaboration with Mash-Maker was just mega good. I had a certain idea of how the video should be and he brought in a lot of creative ideas without deviating far from what I had in mind. The end result has me really very excited. So again, huge praise and thanks to him for an awesome job! (Translated from German)


Why I made Mash

I started Mash Maker because I didn’t know what to get as a gift for someone.

So instead of buying something expensive, I decided to try and make something special to celebrate them instead. Everyone that I asked to help me with it, even if it meant they had to perform in front of camera, jumped at the chance and loved doing it. This lead to another Mash video for someone else, and then for another person, and it grew from there.

But it’s the glowing feedback we get from the people who ask us to make the Mash videos, as well as the unbelievable reactions they capture of those we made it for – the Mash recipients, that keeps us going.

Let’s make fun videos with friends!

We love making videos with people who want to spread love, joy and celebrate something special in their lives. If there’s somethiung you want to celebrate with a Mash, get in touch and let’s chat.

Ready to Mash?

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