What can you do when you can’t meet up in person to say a heartfelt “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Merry Christmas” or some other special greeting to friends and loved ones? The answer is to share a personalised video greeting card, something we like to call a Mash.

The pandemic that we experienced globally, really hit home just how important it is to send that special message when you can. And when you can, have lots of fun in the process.

That’s how Mash-Maker came about. I wanted to make a fun birthday video for a special person, so I called on everyone to pick that special song, and record themselves singing along and dancing to it. It helped that I made and shared a lyric video to ensure we were all singing the same version of the song.

Make fun videos with friends! After all, everyone deserves something special now and again.

How to make a ‘video greeting card’ for someone special

Everyone filmed themselves using their smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and even webcams, then shared their files with me (the videos that they took as well as old photographs). I looked through lots of footage, selecting the best bits to make a video mash, that we thought they’d like. Surprisingly the best bits included the out-takes!

These were all edited using professional studio editing tools, adding music, audio, motion graphics and effects to make the video as special as possible.

The final video was altogether hilarious, uplifting and tear-jerking. It was a hit and we were soon planning the next video for the next milestone birthday.

A Mash video for every occasion

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a festive celebration like Christmas and Halloween, or simply a Tuesday – everyone deserves something special every once in a while and a Mash video greeting card is just that.

Here are a few examples:

Every single Mash is personalized. So we should let’s talk about who it’s for and what you think would make it the perfect gift.

What a surprise! It’s honestly the loveliest, most thoughtful gift I’ve ever had. I love it. Thank you!


I’ve made different videos for different people for different occasions, but always strive for the same thing.. something they’ll appreciate and enjoy again and again.

What goes into a Mash Video?

What goes into your Mash video greeting is up to you, but it typically includes video, music, and photos. We can use freshly recorded video such as the singing, dancing and recorded greetings for the special occasion, but we can also include older photos and videos which is especially good for milestone events.

About me

I’m a Londoner, now based in Hamburg, Germany. Like many, the lockdown has enabled me to reconnect with my passions. I’ve made videos for corporate clients including international five star hotels and software companies. I’ve created storyboards and scripts, directed, captured and edited footage, as well as coordinating external videography partners. But now I’m making something even more special with Mash-Maker Video Greeting Cards.

Since the start of Lockdown, I’ve said goodbye to my well-loved DSLR and jumped head first into the wonderful world of mirrorless, gimbles, green screen, making Mash videos, never looking back.


I personally make the Mash videos from my studio in Hamburg. I don’t outsource any of the work required to make a Mash video to anywhere else in the world. Whilst this currently means I can’t make too many Mash videos at the same time, it does allow me to ensure that what we make together is as special as it can be.

Ready to Mash?

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