Thank you sooo much for this video!!!! I love it sooo much!!! I rewatched like a million times! It brought me tears of joy, my heart is really full.

I will treasure this forever ❤️ 


How I started making Mash

Have you ever wanted to get a gift that was memorable and unique?

Fed up having to trawl through countless shops. just to find that not even the most expensive items meet what you’re looking for? After one such instance, I organised family and friends to “make” something special. The idea was simple – a collaborative birthday greeting, like a birthday card but as a video.

Everyone that I asked, even if it meant they had to perform in front of camera, jumped at the chance to do something different. Even better was that they also told me that they had a fun time doing it! Even better still was that the response was so overwhelming, it lead to another Mash video for someone else, and then another, and so on.

Thank you so much! His reaction when we watched the video was so precious. He honestly couldn’t believe it was for him until he saw all of us singing along. It’s something that we’ve watched again and again


The feedback that fuels Mash-Maker

It’s the glowing feedback we get from the people who ask us to make the Mash videos, as well as the unbelievable reactions they capture of those we made it for – the Mash recipients, that keeps us going.

The reaction of those receiving the Mash videos are priceless. I’m told about looks of surprise, wonder and frequently tears of joy. Sometimes, we’re even shown the reaction as there’s often someone with their iPhone on hand to record the unveiling of the video; whether on their smartphone, TV or on the big screen at the local cinema!

Let’s make something special

We love making videos with people who want to spread love, joy and celebrate someone special in their lives. If there’s someone you want to celebrate with a Mash, get in touch and let’s chat.

Ready to Mash?

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