There are simply important people in our lives that just mean so much and that’s what makes it incredibly difficult when we have to say goodbye.

Tribute videos are sometimes made by the people left behind. This might be as a video to be played during a funeral ceremony, at a wake or simply in a shared remembrance of that loved one.

But sometimes the videos are made by the person leaving, perhaps in the twilight of old age or a terminal illness. it’s important to show others just how much they mean and by using old photographs and videos capturing wonderful memories, as well as personal last messages caught on camera, all played along to the soundtrack of their life – this can be a final farewell to remember.

Videos to never forget

These videos can bring some to tears, but there will hopefully also be fond reminiscences of wonderful moments you’ve shared together and messages that provide the strength to continue after you’ve said your final goodbyes.

If you’re looking for a way to say goodbye that’s both respectful and uniquely tailored to the departed or those you’re leaving behind, then it would be an honour to help you achieve this in video form.

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