Make your adventures with your furry friends last forever by making a video with MashMaker.

Whether you’ve got a cat or dog, budgie or goldfish, pony or something more exotic, your animal companion is special to you. They’re there for you unconditionally and share important moments in your lives that you treasure – even if it’s just going for a daily walk with your dog, or if your cat brings you a gift from the garden (something that it has caught especially for you!). Those without pets may not understand the support your animal gives back to you, asking little back in return.

So what better to curate your favourite moments with your pet and turn it into a video you’ll want to watch fur-ever.

What adventure do you want to share today?

As we get older, we often forget that each day is a new opportunity to make a new story for ourselves or to re-live our previous adventures. Even digital photos and videos are either gathering dust somewhere in a box, or getting lost in an ocean of other files somewhere in the cloud.

What adventure can we share today? For instance, the birth of a child? A new puppy? A special birthday? A wedding? An anniversary? A family vacation? A festive holiday? Or perhaps a tribute video to celebrate someone that’s no longer with us?

At MashMaker, we’ll help you to share your unique message and to treasure your precious memories. Making Mash with friends can be even better – you get to see footage that you may not have seen before, and together share special moments of someone special.

Using photographs and video, both old and new, we will help you tell your story and create something that you will enjoy forever. Its impact can make your intended recipient laugh out loud, or cry tears of happiness or both.

MashMaker was simply amazing… I requested a last minute birthday project and he came through with a final video that was above and beyond what I had imagined….I loved working with him… The creativity and quality of work was brilliant.


Whether for a birthday, holiday or just everyday, share a little joy, happiness and wonder with friends and loved ones.

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