Thinking of making fun videos with friends? Then just dance! If you’d prefer to bust a move than bust a rhyme, then in the wise words of the godfather of soul:

Get up offa that thing
And dance ’till you feel better

James Brown

Got the moves like Jagger?

Or moonwalk like Michael? Whether you’ve got your own routine, or simply jumping around to your favourite songs, nothing makes you feels better than dancing, except perhaps watching your friends dance especially for you – which is why a Mash dance video is the perfect gift.

Big Screen Classics

There are so many wonderful choreographies that you might want to do a remake of. Here are just a few ideas to get you on the dance floor:

Music Video Comedy Masterpieces

In a silly frame of mind? Taylor Swift’s not shy in expressing her dance skills in her “Shake it off” video, and who could forget that phenomenal Fatboy Slim choreography in front of people queueing to see a movie?

Whatever your dance and music style, let’s mash up your moves (and old home movies?) into a modern sensation.

Ready to make a Dance Party Mash?

Let me know what ideas you have for your dance video and let’s make something special.

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