Film yourself with friends singing in a car with your phone. What could be more fun? Sing at the same time in the same car, or mash up footage of all of you singing to the same song in different cars (or other modes of transport) and make a video that you’ll never forget and will want to watch again and again.

It could be a gift for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion to which we can add your special messages. Or it can just be an everyday treat, for example “Happy Monday!”

Getting ready for your Carphone Karaoke

For safety purposes, and to capture the best footage (including getting the best lighting) it’s advisable that you aren’t actually driving whilst you record. Rules tend to vary per country and state on whether you are allowed to film yourself whilst driving. Whether the driveway or the highway, the most important thing is to make sure your performance shines so follow these simple tips:

  • Attach your smartphones to the windscreen, and dashboard to capture people in the front seat, and attach them to the back of the front seats or the side windows if you’re simultaneously capturing footage of passengers in the back seat.
  • Film in the highest quality possible. This usually means the rear camera of your smartphone, but if you’ve got a decent front camera – this will allow you to see exactly what is ‘in shot’ and what you’re recording – plus it allows you to press the record button more easily on the screen.
  • Make sure that each phone is recording in the same resolution e.g. HD recording in 30fps (frames per second). This makes sure that we can more easily synchronise the footage to get the best possible end result.
  • When using multiple cameras, make sure you do a loud CLAP with your hand – this helps when synchronising footage.
  • Last but possibly the most important, make sure you’ve got good lighting. Natural lighting is usually the best source with bright but overcast days the ideal. But if you do have direct sunlight – try and make sure it lights you evenly and isn’t too harsh (we don’t want the image to be washed out or have strong shadows).

Let me know what you’ve got in mind and I can help you get ready to make the best Carphone Karaoke Mash ever.

Ready to Mash?

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